Friday, December 9, 2011

Whoops I Did It Again...

So my Shellac manicure lasted me exactly 4 days. FAIL. I decided that the bathroom needed a very serious scrubbing last night, and the chemicals I used just dissolved the polish. I will never be able to explain why I didn't just put on a pair of gloves. They're right next to all the cleaning stuff, it would have been so simple! On the plus side, my nails are already WAY harder. The ends arent bending like they usually do. I'm halfway through a Christmas themed mani right now, pics will be up later. Also, I just scored an AWESOME haul on ebay. 2 Essie Luxeffects (Shine of the Times and whatever the pearlescent (sp) one is), Bobbing for Baubles from the Cocktail Bling collection, and China Glaze Snow Globe. All for the price of 2 Essie polishes. ebay, sometimes you are my friend. I will post the haul and swatches when they arrive! What's the best beauty deal you've scored lately?

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