Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CVS Clearance!!

Soooo Christmas was great!! I have some Christmas and Hanukkah presents to review in my next post, but first I wanted to segue into an accidental haul. I say accidental, because I stopped at CVS to get some cold medicine and ended up walking away with a ton of stuff. 

In no particular order:
-  Maybelline  Mineral Power Concealer in cream (I have no idea if this is my color or not) @ 50% off = $4.64
- Maybelline FIT powder in 230 Natural Buff (Also no idea if this is my color) @ Full price $8.39
- Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea and Soy Cuticle Oil. 2 @ 75% off = $2.19 each
-Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner in Black. 50% off = $3.99
- Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Thinking of Blue. 75% off = 2.07
- Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Quick Sand and Whirlwind White. 75% off = $1.37 each
- Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Wet Cement. 75% off = $0.79

AMAZING. I will now spend all my free time driving far and wide to search for CVS's.

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