Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A New Addition!

Now that I'm getting my energy back, I need to pick up my exercise routine again. I play soccer 3 times a week and run occasionally with my pup (less and less lately, to be honest). So as a little gift to myself for getting through the worst year of my life, I purchased an elliptical machine. When I had a gym membership, this is pretty much the only machine I used. I have developed shin splints from playing soccer, I have small feet, so I wear kids shoes, and I guess they don't have enough support. Plus, the field is just carpet over concrete, so there's no cushioning. So low impact cardio is really  my best bet if I don't want pain to be an excuse not to work out.

I bought this machine on craigslist, it's a great deal and local, and I went to check it out on Sunday. I managed to get the price down to something I wouldn't feel guilty about. It was in pristine condition, used only a couple times. Still had the plastic on the screen. I had checked on consumer reports on what to look for when buying a used machine to make sure I didn't get taken for a ride and end up with a piece of crap. It's so pretty!! I am going to pick it up tomorrow, and tonight I need to figure out where the heck I'm going to put it. It's a full size piece of gym equipment, so the footprint is pretty big. 

I'm so excited to get it and start using it. I am going to set up a schedule for myself and put notes all over the house reminding me to use it.

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