Monday, December 19, 2011

Welllll That Didn't Last Long...

So last week was final exam week. It killed my brain, my skin, and my nails. Sleep and water have gotten my brain and skin almost back to normal.... but my nails are TRASHED. It's awful. Some of them I have picked and bitten so short that they hurt. It's embarrassing. So, today I have a picture of  a fall mani that I did when I got my first crackle polish. 

China Glaze Ginger (my favorite polish EVER, obvs) and my fourth or fifth attempt at crackle polish using China Glaze Black Crackle. My first few trys were so ugly I had to remove them immediately. 

In other news, I bought an elliptical machine. More on that later. But it is Awesome. AWESOME. Notice the enthusiasm I am expressing through capital letters : )

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