Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend. Was. Gorg.

The weekend was amazzzinnngggg. So nice out. I love sunshine. I had all the windows open and aired the house out. Yay. I managed to get the entire kitchen swept and mopped and cleaned up. It is now dirty again. Of course. I brought the pups cage down to the basement because she hasn't been in it in months. Lunch was Trader Joe's Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle Flatbread. OH. MY. GOODNESS. So delish. I had a salad with mushrooms, balsamic, lemon and olive oil as well. Then it was off to the city for the evening. I got snacky while I was getting ready so I had a popsicle and... a cocktail.

The city was greattttt. I took exacty zero photos. Korean pulled pork bbq tacos with homemade pickled jalepenos and cabbage slaw. Garlicky french fries. Martinis. Extra dirty. We walked from bar to bar all night. I love that. It's too bad my dog is more like a horse or I would consider moving to the city.

The next morning, we took the pups for brunch. I was terrified because I was pretty sure my dog was going to go a little nuts and misbehave. She didn't. So well behaved. It was super amazing. Must do it again. More city walking. Then a quick nap and off to Laur's for wedding talk and about 11 bottles of wine. And the boys made us stromboli's. 

So I am officially -27 points in the red right now. Must be on plan and be in workout city the rest of the week. I changed my WI day back to fridays so I have all week to make up for my weekend damage. Mondays were not working out. Zumba and pilates tonight maybe?

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