Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feel The Burrrnnnnn

So last night I jogged down to... This building. I'm not sure what to call it actually. It's not a gym or a dance studio or anything. Just kind of an all purpose building in town. It's about a half mile from my house. I was attending my first zumba class in about 2 years. I have only done it once or twice before, but it's offered 4 days a week so close to home that I'm m making it my new workout class.

It was a blast! I've always been more of a contact sports girl, so the dancing is a really nice change of pace. I was definitely getting some muscle fatigue during the workout. Afterwards, they had a Pilates class.... This is where my life changed. It was so difficult, and worked so many great muscles, that I am totally hooked. So I signed up for that too. Yay!

I am not nearly as sore as I thought I would be today.... Which in my experience means that tommorrow morning I will be stiff as a board! Gonna try and walk the pup and get a good stretch in today to lessen tommorrows pain.

Pizza and wine with the nursing girls tonight!

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