Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Running Makes Me Hungry

Back from a greaaattttt successful bachelorette party weekend!! We managed to totally surprise my friend Alex with a trip to Ocean City, Maryland for the weekend. Great times with some great ladies! 

Some delightful fruity bevs, pickles, drinking games, and penis straws. The norm.

We went to a neat bar for dinner. I got an amazingggggg grapefruit sparkly vodka drink... or two. So refreshing. I got raw oysters and a fried green tomato BLT for dinner. All amazing. I'm so glad I got the oysters. You rarely see a raw bar anymore and it just reminds me how much I love seafood and the ocean. My dad and I used to put away dozens of these. 

Please forgive the half eaten food in the following pictures... I have been STARVING all the time since I upped my mileage. I need to find a balance between protein and calories....Help?

Grabbed a bagel with cream cheese and a hot tea from dunkin for breakfast. Lunch on monday was a salmon sushi mix with seaweed salad. This was my first seaweed salad ever, and I didn't hate it. This salmon platter is salmon and avocado roll, salmon sashimi, and spicy salmon roll. DELISH.

Had very unattractive leftover chicken for dinner.. .and could not stop munching. I bought all my produce yesterday, and chopped and cleaned a bunch. Had cucumber with salt and a drizzle of honey for a pre-bed snack.

Le dog is less than thrilled with my picture taking.

OMGGG she looks like a little dachshund pupppyyyyyyy. lovelovelove.
Later that night she reminded me that she is actually 80 lbs and rolled over on me.

Starving again this morning after my run... Causing another emergency bagel stop. Drove a little out of my way to Einstein's today so I could try and make a more filling breakfast.

6 cheese bagel (OMG WANT EVERY DAY), turkey, cheddar cheese, hummus, sprouts, cucumbers. NOM NOM.

I restarted weight watchers to try and control some medication associated weight gain. My new meds make me very very hungry. And I wanna eat everything in sight. So weight watchers should help me keep that in check. should. 

Right now I just want more turkey bagel.... NOM.

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