Thursday, September 27, 2012


Life. Is. Crazy.

The wedding was last weekend. I'm moving this weekend. There's another wedding next weekend.

I have also had an exam and 2 papers due in the last week. Oh and I work a full time job that reached what had better be the pinnacle of its craziness last week.

I have a smattering of food to share, some bevs, and some dog pics. 

I have been boycotting the grocery store for the last couple of weeks before we move. I don't wanna move food. I have enough crap to move.

Turns out, we have a fridge full of condiments and a pantry and freezer smattered with things that you can't really eat on their own.

Jill made me try Bob Evan's breakfast. I had the fat kid special - biscuits with sausage gravy, eggs, and hash browns. And I'm not even sorry.

Modge podge and foil. Moving has made me kind of in an HGTV/ Pinterest craze. On a $4 budget.
It looks amazing in person. I  promise. I also did it with my dresser (the top) and my coffee table. Pics to come.

This is what we need to watch football. Chinese food and all kinds of burrrrr. Or lady burr for Steph. I had a pear cider and apple cider that were AWESOME.

A double yolked egg. Good luck?

What my double yolked egg turned into. Plus turkey sausage, peaches, greek yogurt with granola and chia seeds.


Yes, I stalked the outside of my new place to get approximate measurments for the inside. And got caught by a neighbor. Whoops.

This is Ziva's contribution to packing. She's super helpful. She has actually been doing a great deal of unpacking while I'm at work during the day. Jerk.

I cooked up some of the Polenta that I got from Trader Joes MONTHS ago... it scared me. It was lovely with some veggie packed marinara and a lil parm cheese.

Frozen grapes. Couldn't stop eating, figured these were better then more fried polenta.

Breakfast this morning. Eggies, turkey sausage, and challah bread my roommate brought me because I wasn't able to break fast with them last night.

I am in full on panic mode. Packing an entire house, on my own. And then moving it and unpacking it.

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