Friday, August 31, 2012


I have started running regularly. It super helps that it will count as something I can do for my Wellness class. That class is about self-care and how important it is to be physically and mentally healthy if you're going to be helping other people to achieve that same goal.

It also helps that this face is waiting for me every morning. Don't let her fool you, she has the whole "puppy eyes" thing down to a science... but she's secretly a big spoiled jerk. 

She definitely helps to get me out the door and motivates me on runs.... she also never runs out of energy and I'm super jealous and wish I had 4 legs.

I have an actual DESIRE to run. Scary stuff here folks. Stay tuned.

I also enjoy vegetables. So does the pup. They give us both gas.... It's a sexy, sexy time in my bedroom at night.... 

I end today on a sad note... a friend of mine passed away from a drug overdose this morning. Hug your loved ones extra tight today  <3

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