Friday, August 17, 2012

Back In Jersey

I'm baaaackkkkk.

Colorado was the most amazing experience. I ate fantastic home grown veggies every single day, hiked all over the place, fished, drank, and enjoyed the company of family and new friends.
I will do a full pictorial/ overview in the coming week.

Ummm. My diet.... hasn't been a diet. 

So I have to do the unthinkable. I had written this off as something I would never do. But after a pretty big overhaul of my eating in the last few months and not seeing the results I think I should be on the scale...

I am cutting back on alcohol.

EEEEEKK. Well it probably was going to happen anyway, because school starts next week, but still.

I am now limiting my drinking to two nights per week. Now I know that may still sound like a lot to some people, but my typical week involves grabbing a drink or two with one friend or another multiple nights. So that can add up to 20 drinks a week! I can't even believe how many calories that is. ugh.  No glasses of wine after work, no beers with the boys while watching the game. Unless I budget for it and it's one of my "days"

In other news, after I pay the deposit on the new place, I will be officially broke. As in $100 to my name broke. Between the deposit and my car having a serious issue before vacation, I have depleted my entire savings account. Now it's not life-ending, I will receive my deposit on our current house back at some point in the month after I move, so that is a significant amount. But the month between now and then and moving expenses and whatnot... yikes.

School is starting. So my social life and sanity will be in the back of the drawer until December.

Hopefully, all this school and no money will equal some serious weight loss... no eating out for me!!

I have done my meal plan and grocery list for next week. And will schedule my runs for September this weekend. I will share the details here!!

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