Sunday, July 15, 2012

Strike 2

Oookkkaaayyyyyy. So right after my last post, I got seriously I'll. For about 6 weeks. I'm feeling much better, but I had lost a bunch of weight, and then they put me on a high steroid dose and I gained a ton. I'm back to working out though, and I'm getting started again. In addition, I'm now house hunting. I've lived in this rental for almost two years, but I think it's time for a change. My social and school obligations have shifted, and it looks like something a half hour north would better suit me. I found a town I lovveeeeeee. Collingswood, NJ. Close to the train, lots of shops, a great riverside park with a dog park. But I found a huge drawback. The houses are historic, which I love, but the lack of closet space or a backyard in most places is really disheartening. So far I've looked at five places, and the places I love don't really suit a large dog, and the places that she would be comfy in have something seriously wrong from a human standpoint. More to come on all this!

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