Monday, June 18, 2012


Wow. I'm a terrible blogger. Not that anyone really reads this, but it is supposed to be keeping me accountable and I'm avoiding it. A quick photo blast and then hopefully we will be back on the horse.

My central air was MIA Memorial Day weekend. It didnt appear to bother my landlord. Luckily, my father has given me all of the various junk from the house that doesn't go in his fancy schmancy new condo. Now, we have had central air in ALL of the houses I have lived in with my parents. So this thing must be old enough to take itself out for a drink. I was convinced it didn't work. I was wrong. That beast chilled my ENTIRE house from that one window. I bow to it. Please note the excellent dishtowel/ trashbag macgyver situation I have created to stop up the rest of the window. A little trailer trash never hurt nobody.

This is just veggie pasta salad. I didnt have italian dressing, so I tried to use dried italian seasoning and oil..... I ate a great deal of resemary. I was not pleased. Note the creamy italian that I fixed it with. A little arugala and spinich salad with balsamic and lemon....

and the star of the dish, my BURGERWICH. All I had was this sourdough bread, and I ended up not eating the bread.  I think thats my best food picture to date though. YAY.

My little laser eyed monster under the bed. She loves it under the bed in the summertime because 1. I sleep with a fan on in the summers. She HATES the fan. Until about a week ago I had a wicker lamp hanging over my bed (yes, I am a babushka), and it would swing in the wind and I would wake up to her growling at it. 2. In all of the places we've lived. I inexplicably park my bed over a perfectly good air vent. So its like her own personal ice cave down there. 3. The bed mayyyyy tend to have more... guests in the summer months. Take that as you will.

We order lunch out at work. EVERY DAY. No joke. And the boss pays, so my broke ass cannot refuse. I make terrible choices. This was an excellent choice. If you subtract the tarter sauce. Which was amazing. Full lump crab, hardly any fillers. and a lovely side salad.
 This is my typical breakfast. And typical horrible lighting. Frozen berries, greek yogurt, frozen banana, protein powder, frozen spinach, water. In my magic bullet. Need to get some new fruit options... mango and pineapple perhaps?

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